Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FREE shoes photo contest!

The lovely people at Miz Mooz, Lola Ramona and MJUS have generously donated a pair of shoes to give away! Instead of our usual draw, we are going to leave Lady Luck out of the equation, and rely solely on your photography skills and imagination to win one of three pairs of shoes!

Here’s how it works:

1. Email us a picture that best shows off your new Luna Blue shoes*. Be creative – capture them on a night out on the town, add a dog, put them on a baby … do whatever shows them at their best! Wow us! As a reward for your efforts, everyone who submits a picture will get a 10% voucher to use in our store**.

2. We will post our top 10 favourite shots on our facebook page and website. It will then come down to a vote, calculated by number of ‘likes’ on facebook and votes submitted on our website.

3. Prizes: the top 3 winners will get a fabulous pair of new spring shoes, courtesy of Miz Mooz, Lola Ramona & MJUS.

4. Deadlines: all photos must be submitted by 5pm on Sunday, April 18th. The voting cut-off will be 5pm on Sunday, April 24th

5. Good luck!!!

Not-so-fine print

* the shoes must have been purchased at Luna Blue; the contest applies to new Spring 2011 shoes, not clearance items

** 10% voucher – reg price items only, voucher expires Sept. 1, 2011

*** by submitting a photo you are granting permission to Luna Blue to use the photo on our facebook page & website


  1. oh I am SO in! Assuming I get my act together this weekend. Too bad there wasn't a beautiful patch of grass to lay my shoes in...alas, we live in Calgary. :)

  2. I vote for picture 1...cute boy!

  3. I vote for Picture 1 - the most adorable little boy