Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ahhhhh ....!

We’ve always prided ourselves at finding shoes & boots that are super cute but still comfy. Well these lovelies from Portugal have really raised the bar! They are absolute HEAVEN for your feet! In the three years we’ve been open they just might be one of the comfiest boots we’ve tried on (flats included!). Try them on and you’ll be in the same dilemma we are - brown or black? Brown or black?

And it gets better: they will fit calves of all shapes and sizes! They have a velcro panel down the length of the boot (don’t worry - you can’t see it because it’s hidden by the leather). This gives us a few inches to play with to get the perfect fit for your leg. Brilliant! And gorgeous! Truly the Dolph Lundgren of boots ...(apparently Mr. Balboa's nemesis is a genius - google ‘smart celebrities’ and he’s at the top of every list. Who knew?!?).

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