Friday, September 9, 2011

The colour! The heel! Sooo lovely!

These little beauties from Miz Mooz that are going to go with everything! They're really cute with rolled up jeans and a little blouse but they'd be equally awesome with dress pants for work.


  1. I like these, but I'm needing a pair of flats. Any chance you'll be getting the Miss Mooz 'Wren' in black, size 8?????

  2. Hi Susen, no Wren - sorry! I can look into us getting a pair in for you though - I'll be in on Wed so I can make a call. I think you commented on the Bloom boot - we just got Portia in, you might want to check that one out too

  3. I love these! I know this is an old post, any chance they still sell these? How about in black?