Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hmmm, 40% off you say?

Yep, 40% off we SAY! That's over $100 off! We only have sizes 8-10 left so all of our big footed peers should get in here quick!

PS - yes, these mukluks are suede but they hold up really well! They have a 1" Vibram rubber sole which keeps you out of the muck, and as long as you're not jumping in puddles of slush they'll stay looking new for years! I bought the ones I'm wearing in the top picture at the beginning of the season last year and wore them constantly (remember how cold and awful last winter was? I wore them daily) and they still look new. Don't be afraid of the suede!

PPS - please ignore my not-so-coordinated outfit!

PPPS - the top pic was inspired by the uber talented Lori Andrews!

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